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EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 6.0

This is a program that helps you find and remove duplicate audio files
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EF Duplicate MP3 Finder 4.2 is a file utility that searches for duplicated MP3 files.
This Multilanguage software includes many features to find duplicated MP3 files and know with precision that the founded files are true duplicated files. In its configuration section you’re allowed to setup several options related to the presentation of information in its GUI, the columns showed, colors, cache options, keyboard shortcuts and other .
Its preset window allows adding folders, select drive, exclude folders, change the order of search or remove folders; also you can enable its Use similarity checkbox to set a percentage of similarity between files; or you can create filters to make searches with specific options with file mask, date/time, length and/or the file attributes by enabling the With filter option checkbox. It allows to do networking connections and disconnecting network drives in the software. You can sort your searches by file name, extension, time, size, path, artist, title, album, track, genre, bit rate, duration, type, BPM, comment, or leave it unsorted.
In every duplicated founded file you’re able to perform any of the following actions: play, copy, move, delete, rename, delete, or just view its properties. Another feature is the option to export you duplicated file list to text, CSV or HTML file.
Its GUI is very easy and friendly to user. Its installation process is very easy to perform and no additional libraries or programs are needed. There is no documentation provided with the program or its website.
EF Duplicate MP3Files Manager works in Windows 95/NT4.0 or later platforms.
This version is not available anymore from the official site, but here you can get the latest one.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • EF Duplicate MP3 Finder is a good software to find duplicated MP3 files with many features to locate true duplicated MP3 files successfully


  • User interface lacks of a good, modern design
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